Chef Jussi of Zuri

Jussi is Swedish and started working in the kitchen at 14 years old. He’s been working all over the island since 1996. Chef Jussi has been joined the newest top 5 star location on the island: Zuri Zanzibar.

I’ve always worked with local products a lot, but in a 5 star hotel people expect a bit more, so we do have to import some products. We import cheeses, hams and salamis for example, so we can offer a variety. But whatever is available on the island we buy it and we use it.

I use a lot of fish and seafood, of course, and local fruit and vegetables. At the moment we use the local things like tamarind, hibiscus, baobab, and stafeli. They have very good nutritional value and it’s not like the common things they use in Europe. I also use a lot of fresh coconut.

I really like kachori, the small potato dumplings, and octopus in coconut is also always a nice one, with some pilau rice…