Chef Fadhiw of Emerson on Hurumzi

Fadhiw is Zanzibarian and has been a chef for 15 years.  He has always loved to cook and knew that he was going to be a chef from very young age.

The Zanzibar cuisine is very nice, but you have to know how to use spices. You have to know how much spice to use and which kind of spice. You’ll know the real Zanzibar when you have some good food from someone who knows how to use spices.

Spices usually have a symbolic meaning; cinnamon for example stands for peace and cumin for love.

I like biryani, pilau, and dishes with banana. I also like Ugali, a specialty from Dar.

Vumilie (seen here also in the photo): I really like octopus in coconut sauce. I love it because in this dish we only use coconut, not oil.