Chef Edina of Emerson on Spice

Edina is Tanzanian, originally from the mainland but has been on the island for 16 years. She’s been a chef in Emerson on Spice for 4 years.

For me the most significant thing is the fresh seafood. The fish here is so fresh, it comes straight from the fishermen.

In the Zanzibari cuisine we prefer to cook a lot with coconut. There are some big differences between the Zanzibari cuisine and the cuisine from the mainland. In the mainland they use a lot of oil, not that many spices and not that much seafood. Meat is used more often.

I really like cassava with coconut sauce. Like I said, coconut is a traditional ingredient, I really like it. My specialty dish in the restaurant, is probably prawns and lobster. Swahili style, we serve Swahili dishes only, but the guests always like what I cook.