Chef Anuraag of Essque Zalu

Name: Anuraag Ramkalawon

Country: Mauritius

Hotel: Essque Zalu Zanzibar

In Zanzibar: as Executive Chef, Aiyana Pemba, October 2015

Moment I realize: The time I cook for first time with Chef Mugam Pareatumbee.

Showing me the Art of cooking.


Chef Anuraag brings with him 17 years of culinary expertise in eminent hotels in

Africa, namely the renowned, St Regis, Sun Resorts, One & Only Le Saint Geran, Le

Cardinal Exclusive Resort and The Aiyana as well as working alongside Michelin

Star Chef Vineet Bhatia & Atul Kotchar


Having spent time with the Hotel Catering Training Centre, Chef Anuraag

strongly believes in sharing knowledge and grooming aspiring chefs.

Aside from excelling at Pastry, French and Authentic Indian Cuisine, Chef

Anuraag also explored another aspect of ‘food wellness’ – Ayurveda & Food.

Graduate of International Hotel & Tourism Management from IMI



Inspired by the Skills of Chef Sebastien Legall who always quoted (Chefs are magicians)

Favorite Zanzibar Dish: Fried Samaki & Kachumbari

Favorite Zanzibar Ingredients: Local Spices

Favorite Place/Activity: Stone Town & Discover Zanzibar cuisine