Chef Alan of Melia’ Zanzibar

Alan is from Mauritius and has been on Zanzibar for 7 years and has been a chef for 14 years. Taste his tasting menus at Aqua, the fine dining venue of Melia’ Zanzibar where Chef Alan is the executive chef.

The cooking techniques they use aren’t particularly new and it’s not that there is something special. A lot of locals still cook on an open fire though, and when we do a Swahili buffet in the restaurant we do it with an open fire as well. We make the chapatti live on charchoal, mishkaki on the grill and we make the soup like the locals. Usually the guests enjoy the Swahili buffet more than any other dish. It shows the history of Zanzibar and they can really enjoy the local culture.

The menu here is all about the seasonality. What is available on the market, what is here now. The low season is actually the best season for a lots of products like pineapple and mango, but then there are almost no tourists on the island. While in August, when there are a lot of tourists around, a lot of products aren’t in season.