Eating Experiences in Zanzibar

Eating Experiences in Zanzibar

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Forodhani Garden

The Forodhani Garden, next to the ocean and close to the harbour in Stone Town, is a popular outdoor food market for locals, tourists and residents to grab some traditional food. Every single evening, when the sun starts to go down, local men set up their tables in the middle of the garden. Although there are many food stands, most of them sell the same. You can get sugar cane juice, Zanzibari pizza; savory or sweet, chapak, samosas, potato dumplings and mishkaki; chicken, meat or seafood skewers. Relatively new is the kebab stand, where you can get a sandwich with halal kebab.


Another popular, local restaurant is Okala in the small town of Jambiani on the east coast of Zanzibar. The owner of the restaurant, Okala himself, says they don’t have stock in the restaurant. Our guests have to call at least on hour before arriving, especially in low season, so we can buy the products we need. When guests arrive and they haven’t called, they are usually asked to come back the next day.

Kilwa Pakaya Hotel

The Kilwa Pakaya hotel in Bwejuu, makes this amazing octopus with red chilli, and fish in coconut sauce. They also prepare mussels in a cold salad. Mussels are not very common to eat on Zanzibar and not always easy to get.